Adam Barshay

AdamBarshayAdam Barshay began investing in real estate over 15 years ago when he formed his first real estate investment vehicle, The Equity Investment Group.  Specializing in buying distressed assets such as foreclosures, bankruptcies, notes and judgments, Adam has invested in over 200 properties throughout Southern California, many of which required significant rehabilitation.  The Equity Investment Group has also acquired and/or developed commercial property throughout California, Nevada, Texas and Ohio.

Adam formed Smith & Barshay Realty, Inc. in 2002.  The primary purpose for the formation of this entity was to meet the brokerage requirements of his friends and family, while also allowing him to bring this critical component of real estate investments in-house.  Since its inception, Smith & Barshay Realty, Inc. has transacted over $500 million in real estate investment and residential sales on behalf of its principals and clients.

In early 2009, Adam formed Anacapa Ventures to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities resulting from the collapse of the real estate market in what turned out to be the beginning of a time, which would later be coined “the great recession.”  This entity’s focus is on acquiring distressed assets, REO and value-add properties in the greater Los Angeles market.

Adam began his career as a project manager at Gluck Building Company.  In this role he collaborated with and directed developers, architects, corporate clients and sub-contractors in the construction of commercial and industrial properties and tenant improvement build-outs.

Adam’s personal real estate investment experiences are drawn upon for the benefit of his investors in every deal he transacts on their behalf.  He has experience in all facets of real estate and prides himself in representing his investors and clients to the fullest extent possible, as if every dollar for which he is responsible were his own.  He has advised and co-invested in real estate with entertainers, athletes, attorneys, doctors, corporate businesses and high net worth foreign investors.